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Kala Sisters Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

Karin Barrus
Jack and Sandra Toms

Jack and Sandra Toms

The Birmingham
Stephen I. Goldman, DO, PC

Bridget Balint
Johanna Berman
Jeff Carnahan
Christine Catellana
Michael L. Cher, MD
Tammy Croxell
Noreen Diedo
Richard Evich
Zirka Kalynych
Lenora Kaufman
Charles and Georgeann Myers
Larry Rapp
Alice Richard
Amanda Rizzari
Jessica Suer
Koichiro & Shoko Tanikoshi
Linda Wichers
Cynthia Yates
Thomas Yates

Shija Gou
Carol Lipa
Erica Maierle
Evelyn Micheletti
Kevin Nicholas
Kathleen Oliphant
Greg and Mary Peterson


Supporter Levels
Diamond: $5,000 and up
Platinum: $1,000-$4,999
Gold: $500-$999
Silver: $300-$499
Sponsor: $100-$299
Friends: up to $99

Corporate Sponsors
Other Ways to Contribute

There are others ways that you can contribute to Spectrum Orchestra. Take a look at our current volunteer openings and contact us if you are interested.

  • Cultural Enrichment

    Be a sustainer of high quality classical music.

  • Local Impact

    Support classical music in your backyard.

  • Tax Deductible

    Spectrum Orchestra is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization so your contributions may be tax deductible.